About Tevah Technology

Developers are trusted to create an engaging experience for their companies, so we build tools to help them.

Bringing the world's ideas to life

Our mission is to expand human potential with the use of technology. We do that by creating ground-breaking application, by developing a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

In business, data has to drive the informed decisions making. Ark Technologies provides the most actionable insights from the applications we develop. We aim to make this data available to as many people as possible.

We believe in the transformative power of working collaboratively to simplify communications, engage and inspire people everywhere. Come join us to make something beautiful together.

The seed

Tevah Technology Services was founded in Chennai, India

We started small, a humble beginning with a few dedicated individuals. Today, our journey reflects growth, resilience, and teamwork.

Fresh Capabilities

More products and services

We expanded our portfolio, introducing innovative products and services to enhance client solutions, ensuring versatility and addressing evolving needs effectively.

Primed for Expansion

2 continents covered

We've reached across two continents, laying the foundation for further expansion as we continue to grow globally. Exciting times ahead!

Our passionate team

Our team is a synergy of diverse talents, fostering creativity, collaboration, and excellence to tackle challenges and achieve collective success.

Team member 01

Abraham Tyagaraj

CEO & Founder
Team member 02

Rajeev Jacob V.

Managing Director & Co-founder

Join the Tevah Technology Services team

Embark on a journey of innovation! Join our dynamic developer team for exciting projects and endless opportunities. Let's code together!

  • Work Life Balance
  • Competitive Salary And Equity
  • 5 Weeks Paid Vacation
  • Generous Gear Credit
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Our customers span the globe

Diverse and dynamic, our global clients span industries, united by our commitment to deliver tailored solutions and lasting partnerships.

Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services
Tevah Technology Services

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